TITLE Price Publisher Date Condition Comments        
Battle Pope  $12.00 Funk-O-Tron 2001 nm TPB
Fables: The Last Castle $3.00 DC 2003 nm graphic novel
I Die At Midnight $4.00 DC-Vertigo 2000 nm graphic novel
Lilly: When I Was Dead $14.00 Neko Press 2002 nm 2nd printing, signed by Butch Adams
More Fund Comics $15.00 Sky Dog Press Sep-04 nm CBLDF Baltimore Con Ed. Cover
Mysic: Out All Night $7.00 CrossGen Mar-03 nm TPB
Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? $18.00 Image 2000 vf signed by Brian Michael Bendis
Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden $7.00 DC 1995 nm graphic novel
Star Trek: First Contact $2.75 Marvel Nov-96 nm graphic novel - soft cover
Star Trek: Generations $4.00 DC 1994 nm graphic novel - prestige format
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Embrace The Wolf $4.00 Wildstorm Studios Jun-00 nm graphic novel
Tozzer and the Invisible Lap Dancers $9.00 Ablaze Media 2002 nm Signed by the writer and artist (inside cover)
Tozzer 2: Special Edition $12.50 Ablaze Media 2005 nm signed by the writer, artist, colorist
Wolverine vs. Spider-Man $2.00 Marvel Mar-95 nm