Marvel Autograph Cards-Editors II

Manufacturer: Marvel Entertainment Group 1992

Basic set: ?

1 Stan Lee (Publisher) 16 Nel Yomtov 31 Lou Bank (Direct Sales)
2 Terry Stewart 17 Hildy Mesnik (Editorial) 32 Skip Dietz (Direct Sales)
3 Tom DeFalco (Editorial) 18 Fabian Nicieza 33 Bruce Costa (Direct Sales)
4 Mark Gruenwald (Editorial) 19 Marcus McLaurin Editorial 34 Craig Kunaschk (Direct Sales)
5 Carl Potts (Editorial) 20 Glenn Herdling (Editorial) 35 Dean Rohlfing
6 Bob Budiansky (Editorial) 21 Tom Brevoort 36 Michael Martin (Direct Sales)
7 Ralph Macchio (Editorial) 22 Rob Toka 37 Ski
8 Bob Harras (Editorial) 23 Renee Witterstaetter 38 Bob Kerekes (Newstand Sales)
9 Bobbie Chase (Editorial) 24 Kelly Corvese (Editorial) 39 Matt Ragone (Sales)
10 Danny Fingeroth (Editorial) 25 Evan Skolnick (Editorial) 40 Mark Erickson
11 Terry Kavanagh 26 Suzanne Gaffney (Editorial) 41 Pam Rutt (Advertising and Promotion)
12 Joey Cavalieri 27 Marie Javins (Editorial) 42 Heide Balaban (Advertising and Promotion)
13 Don Daley (Editorial) 28 David Wohl 43 Tammy Brown (Advertising and Promotion)
14 Craig Anderson 29 Steve Saffel (Editorial) 44 Dana Moreshead (Advertising and Promotion)
15 Mike Rockwitz 30 John Romita (Editorial) 45 Mariano Nicieza (Advertising and Promotion)

Comments: Similar to the first Marvel Autograph card set, the card backs contain a blank space for autographs from the person on the card front whom you were to meet at various comic shows. Hopefully, this checklist will grow as other cards are known. The highest number I know of for this particular set is #45.